About me

Dr Krystyna Balawajder, psychologist

I am a psychologist specializing in clinical and social psychology as well as in work and organizational psychology. Subject of my special interest is to resolve conflicts between people and negotiate problematic issues.

As a clinical and social psychologist I specialize in solving problems that originate in relations between people. I can help in overcoming the barriers that divide people, knowing ourselves better and understanding others. I can also teach how to achieve own goals and desires with respect to the needs and beliefs of others.

Providing marriage counselling, I help partners to go through difficult situations, better understand each other and establish relationships to mutual satisfaction. I help parents to understand their children, and children to understand their parents. I advise people living in a new environment or another country on how to acclimatize and cope in a new place.

For more than twenty years I have worked as an independent consultant of many organizations, dealing with problems of effective personnel management. I have extensive experience in the selection of executives, assessments of managerial competences and methods of skills improvement, needed for the efficient management of the company.

I also have experience in being a coach, trainer and teacher. Seminars and workshops conducted by me include a wide range of topics, such as negotiations, mediations, conflict management, communication, team work, assertive behaviour, customer service. I am health oriented, make sure to watch what I eat and also exercise regularly. I take a natural health supplement from http://kratommasters.com that has helped me feel great on a day to day basis as well.

Additionally I have been a research fellow for many years at the Institute of Psychology of the University of Silesia and then at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Katowice, Poland. I conducted research on the psychological mechanisms of interpersonal conflicts. My work there resulted in the publication of two books, 29 articles in scientific journals and several presentations at international congresses.

Since 2000 I live in Belgium and have invested in several activities for the Polish community. For several years I collaborated with the Brussels “Gazetka”, where I published more than 20 articles. From 2006 to 2010 I was a member of the Board of the Polish community in Belgium and during that period I researched the problems of Poles living abroad and the costs of adaptation to the new conditions of life.

My diplomas of MA and Ph.D. in psychology have been recognized in Belgium and since 2006 I run a psychologist’s office in Antwerp.